Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A search for Constable Must

My dad sadly passed away earlier this year and I have been clearing his house. Amongst the things are a number of books including a copy of Mrs Beeton's All About Cookery which (according to his own reckoning comes from early 1900's - 1910's).
I'm guessing he must have got this from a car boot as the inscription inside says
"Constable H Must, Ellesmere Island Detachment, Royal Canadian Mounted Police".
On doing a bit of Googling - Ellesmere Island is one of the most remote parts of Canada and Constable Must was one of the first mounted police to be sent there in 1922.
That's all I've found out but this seems to be a fascinating story I want to know more about.
What happened to Constable Must? How did the book end up in Lincolnshire? Why did the mounties in remote Canada who only got food supplies once a year use Mrs Beeton's recipes?
Any Canadian historians able to help?

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