Thursday, February 6, 2020

Ancestry confirmation

A quick search on Ancestry and not only have I started to build a family tree for the mystery Constable Must and have also found his first names and proof that the book I have was his.
Henry James Must was born on 29th August 1897 in Bethnal Green. After serving in the First World War he went to Canada and joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in November 1920.
A book called Policing The Top Of The World written by a fellow Constable Herbert Lee has this report about Henry Must (known as Harry). 
"Harry became the cook and rustled up three square meals a day, with a special five course Christmas Dinner worthy of a Parisian hotel." 
All this at one of the remotest places in the world with very little except of course he must have used the copy of Mrs Beeton's Recipe Book that currently sits in my dining room. 
It feels quite amazing to have this verified. The book Policing The Top Of The World is very rare but hopefully when I have a bit more time I will be able to find out more about Henry (Harry) Must by finding a library copy. 
One sad part of this story is that he died back in London in December 1926 of influenza.